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My name is Travis Love Benson.
Watch the video below to learn about me!

Every person that works with music works with the time within that music, and warping the sense of time of the people listening.

In my case, I want people to experience the moment they're in while I perform.

Whether that be through them feeling awkward, or anxious, or happy, I want them to feel, I WANT them to interact.

House That We Built

New Music Video:

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Travis Love Benson is an optimist disguised as a pessimist, with a sense of humor that’s unafraid of the pain behind their art. With delightfully colorful melodies and a multifaceted approach to their craft, Travis Love Benson subverts indie music tropes while brandishing an honest quirkiness that many others fail to so much as feign.
— Will Wood, of Will Wood & The Tapeworms

From Butterflies to Moths!


Purchase it on iTunes, or get a physical CD right here on this website or on my Bandcamp!

With a subversive irreverence reminiscent of Tom Paxton and Phil Ochs, Travis Love Benson takes protest (anti) folk music on a new, personal journey into the 21st Century. They are an important voice.
— Hal Guitarist, 2018
 Travis Love Benson @ Sidewalk NYC 8/19/18

Travis Love Benson @ Sidewalk NYC 8/19/18


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